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FAQ (6)
Got questions?

We’ve got the answers!

Q Is the semiconductor in the Soladey toothbrush safe?

No worries! Titanium dioxide, the metal from which the rod is made, does not dissolve or corrrode in water, so it is perfectly safe.

Q What is the life of the semiconductor?

With proper use, almost indefinitely.

Q Is the Soladey toothbrush safe for children to use?

Yes, the Soladey toothbrush is perfectly safe for children. In fact one of the clinical trials was performed on school children and Soladey toothbrushes proved beneficial to their oral hygiene. Many parents say that Soladey toothbrushes have helped to reduce the time their children spend at the dentist.

Q Will teeth become yellow if toothpaste is not used?

Reflecting the dentin color, healthy teeth are naturally off-white in colour, and brushing with water only restores their original colour. If you do want to use toothpaste, only a very small amount is recommended.

Q Is there any proof of the effectiveness of the Soladey toothbrushes?

Clinical literature is available from dental colleges in Japan and Canada. According to studies, toothbrushes with semiconductors have proven to be as effective as plaque removing tools.

Q Can Soladey toothbrushes be used to clean teeth that are not original such as porcelain-fused metal crowns?

Yes, the Soladey toothbrush will effectively reduce plaque and provide an anti-bacterial effect even on modified teeth.

Q Can the Soladey toothbrush be used with braces or a retainer?

Soladey toothbrushes will help neutralize bacteria for those using braces. Brush carefully to avoid damaging the materials on the braces. Remove retainers prior to brushing and make sure the retainers have been cleaned before replacing them in the mouth.

Q Do the Soladey toothbrushes need a battery?

No! Both the Eco and J3X toothbrushes do not use any batteries at all. There are no working parts to replace except for the bristle heads that are replaced in the same time frame as your regular toothbrush, and the handle and titanium rod can last forever if properly cleaned and cared for.

Q Do I need to be in the bathroom or at a sink to use the Soladey toothbrush?

With the Soladey toothbrush, you no longer need to be in your bathroom or near a sink to brush your teeth, because no water is needed, just your saliva. People enjoy this feature because in today’s fast paced society, they can now brush their teeth almost anywhere.

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