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From its many moods to its vibrant palettes to the very essence
of its beauty, nature is at the heart of every product that Charles Viancin designs from his base in the French Alps near Lake Annecy.



Charles Viancin® products draw inspiration from everything that nature has to offer. From the solitary sunflower to a bouquet of daisies to a field of poppies, bring the beauty of the outdoors to the comfort of your own home with our wide range of silicone lids, bottle stoppers, and other kitchen accessories.





Air-tight lids


Multifunctional lids

Our silicone lid is the flagship of our ever-evolving range of CHARLES VIANCIN® kitchen accessories. The perfect blend of fun and functional, our lids work effectively on a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials including: stainless steel, glass, plastic, ceramic, and even wood. Essentially, the silicone lid acts as a large suction cup which creates an airtight seal that insulates both hot and cold foods, deters pests, and preserves freshness and flavor.
CHARLES VIANCIN®’s unique designs cover a range of dishes including: pots, pans, casserole dishes, and various kinds of bowls.

Fun and functional

Our lids are incredibly durable. Made from BPA-free silicone, they are able to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from 220 degrees C / 428 degrees F to -40 degrees C / -40 degrees F. CHARLES VIANCIN® lids help keep messes contained to your pots and pans and not all over your kitchen counter.
Done are the days of wasting plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Our lids can be used over and over again and are incredibly easy to clean. The silicone construction ensures that our lids are safe to use with most appliances including: ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers. Easy to use, easy to store,
CHARLES VIANCIN® lids are designed with practicality and personality equally in mind.


Drinkware accessories

Bottle Stoppers

Fun, functional, and fashionable- the CHARLES VIANCIN® silicone bottle stoppers are ideal for recorking open bottles. Practical for parties of all shapes and sizes, the bottle stopper excels at preserving freshness and flavor. The silicone construction creates an airtight seal that prevents wine from oxidizing. Our innovative design fits a wide range of bottles and comes in a large selection of styles inspired by nature including: POPPY®, WINTERBERRY®, DAISY®, LILYPAD®, SUNFLOWER®, and HIBISCUS®.

Drink Covers

Our silicone drink covers keep your coffees, teas, and cocoas piping hot and your fruit juices, soft drinks, and cocktails refreshingly cool. The silicone construction creates an airtight seal on most glasses regardless of whether they’re glass, plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, or even wood. In addition to insulating your next beverage, our drink covers also protect your precious liquids from winged pests! Cover your glasses in a wide range of styles including: POPPY®, WINTERBERRY®, DAISY®, LILYPAD®, SUNFLOWER®, and HIBISCUS®. CHARLES VIANCIN® drink covers are safe to use with most appliances including: ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers.


Cover your drinking glasses in CHARLES VIANCIN® from top to bottom ! Our silicone coasters complement our drink covers quite nicely. Their curved design prevents your glass from shifting and holds the condensation generated from your hot or cold beverage. Their grooves also help prevent them from slipping on already wet surfaces. Keep your beverages safe in a wide range of styles including : POPPY®, WINTERBERRY®, DAISY®, LILYPAd®, SUNFLOWER®, and HIBISCUS®.

Drink Markers

Liven up a plain drinking glass with a set of CHARLES VIANCIN® drink markers. Designed with a suction cup on the back, our markers are styled after the typical garden scenery, full of delicate flowers and butterfly wings flapping lightly in the breeze. They easily adhere to most glasses with smooth surfaces such as the base of a wine glass. Sold in sets of 6, the CHARLES VIANCIN® drink marker is the perfect party accessory, ensuring that every guest recognizes which glass is theirs. Let your glass stand out with our large selection of styles including: POPPY®, WINTERBERRY®, DAISY®, LILYPAD®, SUNFLOWER®, and HIBISCUS®




Colander & Steamer

Our cabbage colander and steamer is a prime example of how we mix fun and functionality. The flexible silicone construction allows you to cook your food directly in the colander and, with the attached handles, you can drain directly over the hot pot without having to move from stove to sink! Easy to store, easy to clean, the cabbage colander and steamer is safe to use with most appliances including: microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers. We offer this one-of-a-kind design in two fun sizes and styles: CABBAGE® and PURPLE CABBAGE®. Regardless of your choice, these accessories offer the same level of culinary convenience!

Overboil rings

Keeping the kitchen clean while cooking isn’t easy but our overboil ring is always up for the task. Thanks to its raised edges, the overboil ring keeps boiling liquids and messy foods from splashing out of the pan and, unlike a typical pot lid, our rings are designed with a handy open center making it much easier for mixing, stirring, and adding ingredients. Available in 33cm (13”) or 30cm (12”) in diameter, the overboil ring is highly adaptable and can fit snugly in a wide range of pots and pans. Easy to store, easy to clean, the overboil ring is safe to use with most appliances including: ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers.

Utensils / Accessories

Chopping Boards

The silicone construction of the CHARLES VIANCIN® chopping board collection makes it more durable than any other material used in kitchenware today. Our chopping boards provide excellent adhesion to any working surface and are easy to store, easy to clean, and come in three fashionable designs: POPPY®, GRAPE™, and LILYPAD®.

Pot Holders / Finger grips

When cooking with high temperatures it is vital to protect your hands and fingers from burns. CHARLES VIANCIN® presents two essential tools for safely and easily handling hot dishes. Inspired by the intricate designs of the honeybee’s pride and joy, Charles Viancin designed a series of pot holders with a unique honeycomb design which provides a superior grip for the easy transportation of hot dishes from the kitchentop to the dinner table. Available in a dazzling array of colors to compliment every kitchen.

The CHARLES VIANCIN® finger grip, another kitchen necessity, protects your fingers. It’s compact design ensures a perfect fit over the handles of most pots, pans, and other hot dishes taken straight out of the oven. The internal magnet also ensures that our finger grips will always be close at hand as they stick to any metallic surface. Both of these kitchen accessories are constructed from heat-resistant silicone which slows the transfer of heat, thus, enabling you to safely handle hot dishes.



“Silicone is a natural and supple material which allows me to design products that are flexible and multifunctional”

BPA-Free Silicone is the natural choice for manufacturing all CHARLES VIANCIN® products because it is durable, flexible and easy to clean.

A single CHARLES VIANCIN® silicone lid will last longer than the hundreds of thousands of rolls of plastic wrap and aluminum foil that are wasted every year


Why use silicone? The real question should be- why use anything else? The silicone that we use in our products is non-toxic and can be used over and over again which not only guarantees a healthy kitchen but a healthy planet as well.




Based in the French Alps near Lake Annecy, CHARLES VIANCIN GROUP® produces a full range of versatile kitchen accessories. Inspired by nature, the company’s founder, Charles Viancin, seamlessly blends unique ideas with exceptional design to create products that truly stand out in your home.
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