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Krano čiaupai su išoriniais sriegiais:
1) Unscrew the old aerator filter and make sure that the gasket of the old aerator is removed.
2) Screw the SoWash aerator filter directly without gasket for filter. The new SoWash filter must not be removed until you eventually replace it.
3) Hang the connector of SoWash to the tap and use the hydro-pulser.

Krano čiaupai su vidiniais sriegiais: 
1) Unscrew the old aerator filter and make sure that the gasket of the old aerator is removed.
2) Screw the SoWash aerator filter directly without adapter and gasket for filter. The new filter must not be removed until you eventually replace it.
3) Hang the connector of SoWash to the tap and use the hydro-pulser.

Sowash accessories are interchangeable. It is possible substitute on the same system picks hydro-jet, hydro-pulser, hydro-toothbrush and hydro-interdental brush.

SoWash system is adaptable to all taps to UNI EN-246. This standard is generally respected by all the taps in European market and in the most non-European Countries . Before purchasing the product, however, you should check that your tap meets this standard (it is sufficient to verify that the filter aerator of your tap is unscrewable.
SoWash Sistema
SoWash is the innovative hydro-jet for oral care which, thanks to fresh and powerful water jet, guarantees:
SoWash - novatoriška vandens purškimo sistema skirta geresniai burnos higienai, su šviežia ir galinga vandens srove garantuoja puikų rezultatą:

interdental cleaning - tarpdančių išvalymą,

removal of subgingival plaque - apnašų pašalinimą,

deep rinsing - burnos skalavimą,

benefic hydro-massage of gums - dantenų masažą.

SoWash is a practical innovation very easy to use, it doesn’t require any batteries or electricity: it connects directly to the tap and works only with water pressure.
SoWash irigatoriumi labai lengva ir patogu naudotis, jo veikimui nereikia jokių baterijų ar elektros. Sistema jungiama tiesiogiai prie krano čiaupo ir naudoja iš jo tekantį vandenį.

SoWash does not require any maintenance because it is lacking of electric circuit and batteries, does not fear of limestone, is silent, has measures very restrained and allows to control both temperature and water jet pressure, directly from tap bibcock.
SoWash nereikalauja jokios techninės priežiūros. Nėra jokių elektros ar baterijų komponentų. Sistema nebijo kalkakmenio, veikia labai tyliai, leidžia patiems kontroliuosi tekančio vandens temperatūrą ir slėgį.

SoWash is a complete system for oral care thanks to a range of interchangeable accessories such as hydro-toothbrush, hydro-pulser or hydro-interdental brush.
SoWash, su papildomais priedais, yra pilnai išbaigta sistema skirta geresniai burnos priežiūrai.
SoWash priedai:
Hydro-jet antgalis su viena linijine vandens srove;
Hydro-pulser antgalis su pulsuojančia triguba vandens srove;
Hydro-toothbrush antgalis, dantų šepetėlis su viena linijine vandens srove;
Hydro-interdental brush antgalis, tarpdančių šepetėlis su viena linijine vandens srove.

Recent clinical studies carried out from the Second University of Naples, have shown efficacy of SoWash hydro-jet and its accessories: evaluations underline how hydro-jet is particularly effective, besides, in “all cases with a complicated cleaning of interdental spaces”, for example in patients with orthodontic devices, implants or dental bridges.

Naujausi klinikiniai tyrimai, atlikti Neapolio Universitete (Second University of Naples), parodė SoWash hydro-jet ir priedų veikimo efektyvumą ... ypač nešiojantiems breketus, implantus ar dantų tiltus.


Efficacious - Efektyvumas
Efficaciousness of SoWash system is clinically tested! - SoWash sistemos veiksmingumas yra kliniškai išbandytas!

Easy to use
It is enough to connect it to the tap and it is possible to adjust temperature and pressure of the optimal water directly from tap control;

for its working it doesn’t need electrical cable, always dangerous to use in the bathroom, or batteries, that quickly discharge and can not be left unused in the product for a long time.

Compared to the other electric irrigators: SoWash doesn’t require electricity or polluting batteries and difficult to be disposed of; it doesn’t have a tank for collecting water, it only uses necessary water, without waste; seeing its size, for its production we need a quantity of plastic considerably lower; it doesn’t have motors inside, the future recycling and disposal are much easier.

Easy to handle
Its size is much smaller than a classic irrigator, it doesn’t occupy space in too-small bathroom. ... SoWash, instead, is held in one hand and can also be placed in a glass containing toothbrushes!

One of main causes of classics electric irrigators break is limestone, enemy of their inside motives...Sowash instead doesn’t fear limestone! Moreover, because it is made using only high quality plastic, SoWash practically doesn’t have weak points…
Deep studies carried out by the Second University of Studies of Naples show the effectiveness of SoWash hydro-jet and its accessories.

After only 14 days use of SoWash System : :

- 70% of plaque (vpi)

- 60% of gums bleed (bop)


Jungtis ir vožtuvų kontrolė

The special SoWash connector is endowed with a safety valve, it is a result of search and technological innovation.
The valve checks automatically the water pressure, flowing in the sink the excessive pressure. Like that, SoWash connector guarantees a constant water-jet, optimal for dental cleaning but never strong for gums (žiūrėti Video).


SoWash system has a range of accessories, Hydro-jet, Hydro-pulser, Hydro-toothbrush and Hydro- interdental brush, making it complete and suitable for all needs.

Accessories are all interchangeable each other.




SoWash hydro- jet with single jet, adjustable in power and temperature, is ideal for a deep interdental cleaning.

Recommended by the best dentists, it is particularly suitable for people with prostheses and orthodontic appliances.

It is available in Hydro- jet package (complete of SoWash system) and in blister (only Hydro-jet pick).



Thanks to three pulsating water jets, SoWash hydro-pulser adds to an accurate interdental cleaning a pleasant hydro-massage of gums.

The particular position of holes, in fact, allows to the three water jets to act simultaneously in three different areas: while the first jet cleans interdental spaces, the other two jets carry out a beneficial hydro-massage of gums.

For these features, it is also recommended for people with particularly sensitive gums.

It is available in Hydro-pulser package (complete of SoWash system) and in blister (only Hydro-pulser pick).



At the beneficial action of toothbrush, it adds the benefits of an effective central water jet.

It is equipped with bristles with differentiated hardness with rounded tips to protect the enamel and sensitive gums.

Available in medium and hard bristles.

It is available in blister (containing two toothbrushes).


          Some other important conclusions of the study:

SoWash hydro-jet is particularly recommended in case of orthodontic appliances, implants or bridges, in fact:

"…in patients who have difficulty to practice a good oral hygiene by brushing, in patients with orthodontic appliance and in all cases of difficult cleaning of interdental spaces, the advantage with the use of  SoWash hydro-jet seems more evident. "

"The use of tested system has shown, from the clinical point of view, a strong reduction of bacterial plaque... "

"…It showed, from a biochemist point of view, significant improvements in terms of composition of the crevicular fluid. "

".....The use of 'SoWash' hydro-jet improves the clinical-biochemical situation after treatment."

Clinical study conducted by SECOND UNIVERSITIES OF STUDIES OF NAPLES on 50 subjects suffering from gingivitis and/or periodontis which had to used for 14 days SoWash system with accessories: Hydro-jet standard; Hydro-pulser; Hydro-interdental brush .

Clinical and biochemical evaluation of home use of an innovative oral irrigator (SoWash) in patients affected by gingivitis and periodontitis.


Supra and sub gingival irrigation is considered by clinicians as potentially effective in the elimination of bacterial etiological agents, in both professional and home use. The mechanism of oral irrigation involves the reduction of deposits of bacterial plaque that can lead to periodontal disease (1).

In fact, the primary objective of supragingival irrigation is to wash away the bacteria localised on the dental crown, decreasing the potential for developing gingivitis or decreasing the amount of pre-existing gingival inflammation.

Supragingival irrigation can be considered a valid aid for individuals with poor oral hygiene: the greatest benefits have been found in patients with inadequate interproximal hygiene.

Numerous studies investigating the effect of the oral irrigator on gingivitis and periodontitis have concurred in showing a certain level of efficacy in reducing the inflammation parameters. Cutler et al.(2) showed an effect of the irrigator in modulating the level of proinflammatory cytokines present in the gingival sulcus, thus justifying the efficacy of this type of defence against gingivitis and periodontitis.

Newman et al. 3) showed the irrigator to be effective as an adjunctive treatment to habitual oral hygiene in terms of both the gingival index and the reduction of bleeding on probing, when compared to normal oral hygiene in patients with early onset periodontitis treated in the sphere of periodontal support therapy. In a review of the literature on oral irrigation in 1993, Stein (4) affirmed that adjunctive use of the oral irrigator can play an important role in controlling gingivitis and periodontitis. The positive effect on periodontitis could be attributed in part, as demonstrated by Eakle et al. (5), to the ability of the liquid thrust by the jet to penetrate the periodontal pockets to about 50% of their depth. Cutler et al. (2) showed that the addition of irrigation in diseased interproximal sites produces a significant reduction of the probing depth, the plaque index, and the gingival index with respect to the normal procedures of oral hygiene and the suspension of oral hygiene, also attributing the effect to a mechanism whereby the levels of proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the sulcus are modified.

The oral irrigator has often been recommended as an aid to oral hygiene in orthodontic patients, where the brackets, bands, and arches certainly make home hygiene more complicated (6). In a study on a sample group of orthodontic patients, Burch et al. (7) showed a significant reduction of plaque and bleeding in patients who used the oral irrigator as an adjunct to brushing.

Oral irrigator and clinical parameters
In a study conducted on fifty patients affected by gingivitis and/or periodontitis, we evaluated the clinical efficacy of the use of the SoWash water jet system. The subjects recruited for the study used the SoWash device twice a day for fourteen days.
Probing depth (PD)
The reduction of the probing depth was found in all the groups, underscoring an improvement in the clinical conditions of the periodontal pocket.

Bleeding on probing (BOP)
The index of bleeding was reduced during the course of the study in all the groups, to a larger degree in the groups that used the three-way water jet and the water jet with sulcus tip.

Visible plaque index (VPI)
The variations of the plaque index showed good efficacy, with the greater effect of the one-way water jet (reduction of index from 100% to 32.2%) compared to the three-way water jet (from 73.5% to 26.4%) and the water jet with sulcus tip (from 87.5% to 33.3%).

Oral irrigator and biochemical parameters

To assess the modifications in the biochemical composition of the sulcular fluid, samples of crevicular fluid were taken from the patients recruited for the study in order to make a biochemical determination of the principal markers of inflammation by means of an immunoenzymatic method (ELISA).

In just fourteen days of use, the action of the SoWash device led to a reduction of the total volume of crevicular fluid (GCF) up to 10% in the sites treated with the water jet with sulcus tip. As regards the composition, we monitored the levels of interleukin 1beta (IL-1ß) and metalloproteinase-8 (MMP-8), indicators of inflammation, that were present in the crevicular fluid (GCF).

The efficacy of the treatment should therefore be understood as a reduction of the quantity of these markers in the GC

Variation of the composition of the crevicular fluid


The graph shows the mean values (expressed as a percentage) of the concentration of MMP-8 in the crevicular fluid. The concentration of MMP-8 was reduced by 40% in the sites treated with three-way water jet and by 30% in the patients who used the water jet with sulcus tip.


The graph shows the mean values (expressed as a percentage) of the concentration of IL-1bin the crevicular fluid. IL-1ß showed a substantial reduction in the sites treated with water jet with sulcus tip, corresponding to almost 30% of the initial value.


The results of the study show that the use of the SoWash irrigator improves the clinical-biochemical situation following treatment. The mechanism of the system is based on the washing effect of the jet of water and, therefore, on the reduction of the level of bacteria responsible for the activation and propagation of the inflammatory response that destroys tissues. From the clinical point of view, the use of the device demonstrated a strong reduction of the bacterial plaque, in particular with the use of the one-way water jet.

From the biochemical point of view, in our study the SoWash irrigator demonstrated appreciable improvements in terms of the composition of the crevicular fluid. In particular, the water jet with sulcus tip showed the most encouraging results in terms of reduction of IL-1ß and MMP-8 levels, key factors in inflammation and tissue damage. The study also showed a considerable effect of the three-way water jet particularly on the level of MMP-8.

The use of the SoWash water jet with sulcus tip, the only instrument of this type on the market, stimulated interest in its use on the part of the patients with large interproximal spaces, who may or may not have used in the past the traditional type of pick. The mechanical action of the sulcus tip with simultaneous irrigation of the interproximal spaces is a valid aid in cleaning these sites, which are notoriously more difficult to clean.


The oral irrigation carried out with the SoWash water jet appears to provide results comparable to those obtained in other studies using electric irrigators. The advantage of SoWash device lies in the energy savings, making it more environmentally friendly, and in the portability of the irrigator, which makes it easy to use also when travelling.

In patients with periodontitis and large interproximal spaces, the sulcus tip can be useful with the common indications for using this type of tip, which certainly adds a massage that most of the patients found to be extremely pleasant.

In conclusion, for patients who have difficulty practicing good oral hygiene by brushing alone, for those with orthodontic appliances, and in all cases of difficult cleaning of the interdental spaces, there appears to be a clear advantage in the use of the SoWash water jet system. 

Greenstein G. The role of supra- and subgingival irrigation in the treatment of periodontal diseases.  Position paper: Committee on Research, Science and Therapy, American Academy of Periodontics. Chicago Illinois (1995).
Cutler CW, Stanford TW, Abraham C, Cederberg RA, Boardman TJ, Ross C. Clinical benefits of oral irrigation for periodontitis are related to reduction of proinflammatory cytokine levels and plaque. J. Clin Periodontol 2000; 27, 134-143.
Cutler CW, Stanford TW, Abraham C, Cederberg RA, Boardman TJ, Ross C. Clinical benefits of oral irrigation for periodontitis are related to reduction of proinflammatory cytokine levels and plaque.
J. Clin Periodontol 2000; 27, 134-143.
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Probe 1993 jan-feb;27(1):18-25
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Burch JG, Lanese R, Ngan P A two month study of the effects of oral irrigation and automatic toothbrush use in an adult orthodontic population with fixed appliances.
Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 1994 Aug;106(2):121-6

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