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CSP srl, Italija Gamintojas: CSP srl, Italija

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34,99 EUR   be pristatymo
Atmintinė prieinama tik prisijungusiems vartotojams.

1 SoWash sistema,
Hydro-jet antgalis su viena linijine vandens srove,
1 metalinis filtras išoriniam sriegiui,
1 metalinis filtras vidiniam sriegiui.

SoWash hydro-jet  guarantees, thanks to its water jet, interdental cleaning, subgingival plaque removal and a deep rinsing. 

Additionally, thanks to the special filter supplied, it is possible to connect SoWash hydro-jet directly to the tap so it doesn’t need batteries or electricity.

For its characteristics, SoWash hydro-jet is particularly indicated for people with orthodontic braces, dental implants or orthodontic prosthesis.
 Package contains:
  • n. 1 SoWash system
  • n. 1 Hydro-jet pick with single water-jet;
  • n. 1 metal filter with external thread;
  • n. 1 metal filter with internal thread;
  • n. 1 Multi-language manual.

SoWash is the innovative hydro-jet for the oral care that, thanks to a fresh and powerful water jet, guarantees:


      • interdental cleansing
      • removal of sub-gingival plaque
      • deep rinsing
      • a benefic gingival hydro-massage


SoWash is a practical and easy to use novelty. It does not need any batteries or electricity to operate:

it connects directly to the tap and works only with water pressure!

SoWash doesn't require any particular maintenance as it doesn't use electric circuits or batteries, it does not fear  limestone, it is silent, eco-friendly, with restrained size, and it allows to regulate and control both the temperature and the pressure of the water jet directly from the grip of the tap.

SoWash is a complete system for the oral care thanks to a line of interchangeable accessories as hydro-toothbrush, hydro-pulser or hydro-interdental brush. 
Recent clinical studies carried out from the Second University of Studies of Naples, proved the effectiveness of SoWash hydro-jet and its accessories: the results show how SoWash hydro-jet is particularly effective, in “all cases of difficult cleansing of the interdental spaces”, as for example in patients with orthodontic devices, implants or dental bridges.

SoWash system features a special safety-valve that allows the exceeding water pressure to fall down automatically into the sink, guaranteeing a constant and optimal water jet output, never dangerous for the gums.

It is possible to purchase the complete line of  SoWash oral care products in pharmacies, and also on our, Shop online and taking advantage of our exclusive promotions and receiving the products directly at your doorsteps.

...Over 90% of our customers are satisfied with SoWash products and recommend their purchase*! (read the comments of SoWash users)

With SoWash you will feel the pleasure of a fresh, natural, and effective oral care as never before!

SoWash system is a product created, designed and manufacrured in Italy by CSP srl.

The effectiveness of the SoWash system is clinically tested! 

Easy to use 
Just connect it to the tap and regulate the temperature and the optimal water pressure directly from the grip of the tap.

It doesn’t need electrical cables to work, always dangerous to use in bathroom, or batteries, which quickly discharge and can’t be left unused inside the product for a long time.

Compared to the other electric irrigators, SoWash:

      • doesn’t need electricity or batteries which are polluting and difficult to dispose of;
      • because it doesn’t use a water reservoir, it uses only the necessary water, without waste;
      • thanks to its small size, for its production it is necessary to use only a very small quantity of plastic, and it's the same for the quantity of packaging materials;
      • it has no motors inside and so the future recycling and disposal are easier. 

...more than 90% of the people who bought SoWash products via our shop online is satisfied and would recommend the purchase!

One of the main causes of the breaking of the classical electric irrigators is the limestone, as it is the enemy of their inside motors.  On the contrary SoWash doesn’t fear limestone! Moreover, as SoWash is made of only high quality plastic, it has no weak points…

There is no motor inside the SoWash, whose noise during the use could be tiresome both for yourself and for the other members of your family.

The SoWash system doesn’t need any water tanks, which must be drained in order to avoid unhygienic stagnation of water.

SoWash is smaller than the classic electric irrigator, so it does not occupy a lot of space in the bathroom. Thanks to its size SoWash can be held in one hand and it can be stored in a toothbrush holder.

SoWash doesn’t require any particular maintenance as it has no electric circuits inside.

The quality of our products is very important to us, which is why we produce them completely in Italy.

... in spite of all these advantages, SoWash costs less than half the price of the cheapest electric irrigators!

The SoWash system can be connected to the tap via a special bayonet mount which guarantees a stable and easy connection.


To connect SoWash , it is necessary to substitute (only the first time) the filter of your own tap with the one provided in the SoWash package. The SoWash filter has 4 grains inside it, which allow the connection of the white connector of the SoWash system.






The SoWash aerator filter can be connected directly and easily to the home tap, without using any tools. It replaces the old aerator filter, ensuring both the normal use of the tap and the use of the SoWash system.


The SoWash filter is adaptable to all taps with non-screw aerator filter (According to CEN EN 246). This standard is respected by all the taps with non-screw filter present on the market.  Before purchasing SoWash system, we suggest to verify that your tap has got a standard non-screw filter.


The SoWash filter is supplied in all the SoWash packages.


It is possible to purchase as accessories additional filters, with adapter or in metal, to allow the connection of the same SoWash system to several taps ( second bath, office, second home…).







The special SoWash connector has a safety valve which is the result of extensive research and technological innovation (Italian Patent).


The valve checks automatically the possible change in water pressure, flowing down directly into the sink the exceeding water pressure. During the use of SoWash, the possible leakage of water from the bottom part of the connector (as shown in the photo on the left) is absolutely normal and it indicates that the valve is functioning correctly.


Thanks to the internal valve, the SoWash connector guarantees a constant water jet output, optimal for the dental cleaning and never too strong and dangerous for your gums.


What is the SoWash system?

Sowash is an innovative hydro-jet for oral hygiene that directly connects to the tap and it doesn't need any batteries or electric energy to operate.

Why would I need the SoWash system?

Brushing teeth and using dental floss is often not enough to guarantee an effective and complete dental hygiene.

Although it is not meant to substitute brushing and flossing, with its fresh and powerful water-jet SoWash system arrives where toothbrushes and floss cannot easily reach.  SoWash ensures deep cleaning of interdental spaces, helps to remove under gum plaque and rinses your mouth with a beneficial gum massage.

Is the SoWash system effective?

The effectiveness of SoWash system and all its accessories has been clinically tested and it is confirmed daily by hundreds of thousands of clients all over the world! (For further details, the final report of  clinical tests is available in the “Benefits” section.)

Why should I buy the SoWash system and not an electric irrigator/Hydrojet with water tank?

Sowash system has several advantages compared to classical electric irrigators. Among the main advantages:

  • it doesn’t need any batteries (which are quickly discharged), nor electrical cables (a potential hazard for use in the bathroom) to operate;
  • it’s quiet because of the lack of an electric motor;
  • it allows you to conveniently regulate temperature and optimal water pressure directly from the tap;
  • it’s not cumbersome;
  • there are no water tanks to drain or unhygienic stagnations of water;
  • it costs less than half the price of the cheapest electric irrigators.

Is the SoWash system suitable for everybody?
  • The SoWash system is suitable and recommended for everyone, even those who already maintain a good oral hygiene and currently don’t have any dental pathology or problems.
  • The SoWash system is particularly indicated in case of orthodontic apparatus, implants or prosthesis.

Why is the SoWash system eco friendly?

SoWash is the eco friendly because compared to other electronic hydro-jets and oral irrigators with water tank:

  • It doesn’t require any batteries or electricity
  • It uses only the water needed, without waste
  • It’s much smaller than others and therefore less plastic is necessary for its production and packaging
  • It has no internal motors so it is simple to dispose of


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