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How it works

The ionic cleaning process

1. Light-activated titanium semiconductor

The Soladey ionic toothbrush has a light-activated semiconductor titanium dioxide rod at the bristle-end of the handle. When exposed to any light source (a fluorescent bathroom light, a plain light bulb or sunlight), the photo-sensitive titanium rod near the bristle head of the Soladey ionic toothbrush converts light into negatively-charged ions (electrons).

2. Performance-boosting solar panel

The solar panel at the other end of the handle also transmits electrons to the top of the toothbrush through a wire, ensuring the ionic process is activated even when the mouth is closed during brushing. In fact, the addition of the solar panel helps the brush to pack a double punch by considerably increasing the flow of negatively-charged ions.

The titanium dioxide rod then releases these negatively-charged ions, which blend with saliva (water) to attract positive (hydrogen) ions from the acid in the dental plaque on the teeth.

3. Power clean – without toothpaste!

The acid is then neutralized and the plaque is disintegrated – a scientific approach to a cleaner and healthier mouth! Toothpaste is not required as water in the saliva is the acting ingredient – oral hygiene now becomes not only natural, but also economical!

For those who find it hard to give up toothpaste, one can use very small amounts! We recommend natural alternatives to commercial brand toothpastes, like Good-Gums tooth powder and alternative toothpaste brands like Tom’s of Maine, Herbal Choice, Ayurveda, Nature’s Gate and Peelu.

> Learn more about potential toxins that common commercial toothpastes may contain.


Did you know?

As with other applications such as water purification and air filtration, ionic power is not a recent discovery. Soladey was first manufactured in the early 1980s and the Soladey ionic toothbrush is now used daily by millions of people.
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